Congressman Mark Sanford talks healthcare and budget

            Congressman Mark Sanford

July 14, 2017
Written by: Christy Bollinger

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC – Our news anchor Bob Stevens got a chance to chat with U.S. Representative for South Carolina Mark Sanford.

Topics discussed were among healthcare, the Senate’s healthcare bill, and the budget.

When asked if the Senate’s healthcare bill is something Sanford could support, he responded, “We don’t have a Senate bill at this point. So it’s literally completely in motion at this point.” He says there are several different versions/iterations of the bill going around, but there’s not a consensus yet.

Sanford also went on to say that the fact the bill has stalled in the Senate is the people’s way of saying it isn’t there yet. “We haven’t come together as Americans yet on what our healthcare system should look like in the individual marketplace.”

One issue that Mark finds to be very important when it comes to healthcare is premiums. His main concern is what are people supposed to do when they have to retire but can’t benefit from Medicare because they aren’t quite 65 just yet? Sanford stated, “So essential to me is something that actually goes to impact premiums of people, whether they’re self-employed or they’re retired and struggling in between the retirement and age 65.” This is what he’s taking into consideration when it comes time to vote yes or no on whatever bill might come next.

Sanford talked about the budget and what a mess it is, and how important it is that we get that mess straightened out for the future of all programs that we have and enjoy. “So for me, having numbers that actually balance over a 10-year window are very very important. An additional benefit in this year would be it leads us to tax reform.”

To view the interview with Congressman Mark Sanford, click this link.

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  1. Shelley Waddels

    I am very disappointed that you would get on board with the latest health care idea. You know and I know that it will not be effective for the pre existing condition portion of the population. Then, there are the millions of Americans who will lose health care, not to mention what it does to Medicare.
    You must be someone who cares more about politics than the American people. I feel you should NOT sign on with this Bill that is only helping a Republican agenda and certainly NOT thinking of the American population!

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