FBI finds convicted SC killer trying to kill again, using the Dark Web

Michael Young – SC Department of Corrections

July 7, 2017
Written by: Christy Bollinger

COLUMBIA, SC – A convicted SC killer is accused of allegedly scheming to kill his ex-wife with a mail-order bomb.

Michael J. Young Jr., 31, is an inmate at S.C. Department of Corrections’ maximum security facility serving a 50-year sentence for killing his ex-wife’s father.

Young was caught by a secretive FBI sting operation attempting to buy a bomb off the Internet’s Dark Web to send to his wife through the mail. The bomb was designed to go off once the package was opened.

According to The State, this is the first case in South Carolina where the FBI has used the Dark Web.

Young had two co-conspirators helping him, Vance “Dank” Volious Jr., 35, and Tyrell Fears, 18. Charges against the three are, but aren’t limited to, conspiracy to send explosives through the mail with intent to kill.

More updates to come for this story.

Source: The State

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