Movie Review: Daddy’s Home 2

Author: Andres and John Morris

Local: Massachusetts.

Date: March 2017 and Released November 2017

Form: Screenplay (1hr and 38 mins)

Synopsis: Huda Fitaihi

THEME: Daddy’s home 2 is the sequel to a comedy that deals with a step-father and biological
father fighting for the love of their family. In the first movie they clash pretty badly but learn to
work together despite their great differences. The step-father is a funny and nerdy man, while
the biological father is a wild risk taker who drives a motor cycle.

I’d recommend this movie to anyone and give it a five star rating, it starts off where the last
movie ended.The sequel opens with the two men getting along until the young girl in the family
speaks at her Christmas pageant. She says that her family has been split between two houses
for Christmas for years. The fathers blame each other but then decide that everyone should
spend Christmas together. It gets complicated because each of the men’s fathers come over for
Christmas too. It’s a struggle to keep the peace going and the tension is clear despite all the
jokes. The actors did a good job to show the tension and humor of the characters’ situation, and
the scrapes and triumphs they go through makes this movie worth seeing.

The grandfathers of the family arrive separately. It is clear that the step-father gets his
lovable nature from his dad who isn’t afraid to show emotion. It is also clear that the biological
father’s toughness and aversion to emotion is from his father’s constant criticism and
disapproval of him. The biological grandfather of the children brings out the old rift between his
son and the kids step father. When the family goes on vacation to a ski lodge the biological
grandfather does everything possible to start conflict between the two men. He intervenes in
every decision the family makes and even comments harshly on the way his son deals with his
girlfriend’s daughter.

The biological grandfather is not the only one causing a rift in the family because the
risky behavior of his son’s girlfriend rubs his ex-wife the wrong way. She shoplifts and does not
care what her daughter wears or says. This makes his ex-wife very uncomfortable especially
when she thinks that her ex’s new partner is writing bad things about her in a new novel. She
uses humor to cover this up, which is a reflection of how a lot of women in real life joke to avoid
awkwardness. It is a very relatable family comedy that interweaves social commentary with
laughs that are intelligent and unexpected. There is even a hilarious improv scene in the movie
that is hilarious and unusual. It breaks the rules of unscripted scene writing just like this film
does with family movies, it makes them even better.


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