Movie Review by HudaWrites: Pitch Perfect 3

Author: Kay Cannon and Mike White.

Local: New York, Italy, and Spain.

Date: December 22, 2017

Form: Screenplay (1hr and 34 mins)

Synopsis: Huda Fitaihi

THEME: Pitch Perfect 3 is the latest movie in the series and it catches up with the Barden Bellas’ lives after graduation. It shows one of the young ladies getting into veterinary school, the other working to be a music producer through freelancing, and another young lady training at flight school. All these young ladies are unfulfilled and find their lives difficult but they press on, which is what makes this movie so relatable. One of the young ladies stands on a corner in New York and acts as though she’s the late Amy Winehouse. She is pushed aside by another businessman and calls out, “This is my corner.”

The young lady in flight school fails and has to drop out for a while, which is pretty hard to face. They all seem to find life difficult when they get the invitation for the Bella reunion and that gives them hope. They arrive to find out that they were invited to watch and not perform, the new Bellas are amazing and they’re happy about that but sad about the old days. There seems to be no hope of performing, until one of the young ladies mentions that her father is a high ranking army officer and can get them to perform for the troops in Europe. The Bellas get excited and head off on their USO tour, it all seems like it’s going to work out but the challenges they face are very unexpected.

Once on the USO tour the ladies meet up with very talented bands. These bands sing their own songs and play instruments, they also work together to put on one amazing performance. The Bellas are left dumbfounded with only acapella singing for them to fall back on. They try to meet DJ Khaled to get the chance to open for him, but that plan fails when the Bellas accidentally trash his hotel room. The freelance music producer mixes an incredibly good beat that helps the Bellas out in the end. Relying on a friend’s rich father does not turn out to be the right thing because of his maniacal intentions.

The Bellas almost die but come out stronger in the end and gain the respect of others as well as themselves. This movie deserves a five star rating and is definitely a good one for girls and women to watch. It shows empowerment in a real way that is not threatening or weird in addition to being extremely hilarious.   

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