Movie Review by HudaWrites: Sister

Author: Todd M. Camhe, David Lascher

Local: Los Angeles

Date: 2014

Form: Screenplay (1hr and 49mins)

Synopsis: Huda Fitaihi

THEME: This movie shows how family members who are neglected end up in a cycle of being medicated, aggressive, and depressed. The young girl in this movie goes through all this from the early age of seven. After hitting another girl at the age of eleven she gets suspended from school. Her father dies soon after, and her mom ends up going to the psych ward because she falls into a deep depression. The young girl has no one to take care of her ,so she is sent to live
with her brother who is his early thirties and struggling to make it as a writer and actor. He has a girlfriend and they are trying to have a baby, but she leaves when she sees how difficult his sister can be. He is stuck with her and has to assume the responsibility of helping her get better and do better in school. It is a hard task making sure she takes all her meds and stays out of trouble, until he stumbles onto something important that makes everything a whole lot easier. He finds out one day that the medications are making her heart race and that they have side effects that cause a lot of problems later on in life. He sees that she needs someone to take care of her and give her guidance in life. He takes on that role and meets a new young woman in the process who has a daughter, and everything gets better from there. The school finds out that she isn’t taking her medication and their mom comes to come get her, but her
brother fights hard to keep the new happy life they have. The peace and serenity that is found when someone genuinely cares for another can cure any ailment, and this movie shows this so well through scenes of the brother and sister doing yoga and homework together. This movie is definitely a gem and deserves a six star rating if possible. It really speaks to the payoff a little effort put into kids can bring about. The young girl changes so much because someone sees her as a person and not a problem. Her brother seeing her potential and coaching her on making friends leads to her calming down and doing better in school. She does well without the aid of unnecessary medication, that can be helpful sometimes but never when overdone. A movie for parents to see with their teenage children, or for anyone who likes to see an example of how to get out of hardships and on the path to happiness.

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