Stun gun found on American Airlines plane in Charlotte

                           Source: WBTV

August 4, 2017
Written by: Christy Bollinger

An American Airlines flight that landed at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport Sunday evening had a stun gun on board.

According to WBTV (who has confirmation from the FBI), the stun gun was being disguised as a cell phone.

The plane was traveling from San Francisco International to Charlotte-Douglas when the stun gun was spotted. A spokesperson for the FBI said a passenger noticed an unusual item underneath a seat. American Airlines had law enforcement assist in discovering what the item was.

Officials said that when the plane landed, it was taken to a hotspot area where passengers were taken off. The plane was checked by the bomb squad and K9s for anything else suspicious.

The stun gun was then taken off the plane. An investigation into the incident is taking place.

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