Town Manager Steve Riley addresses Affordable Housing and post-Hurricane Matthew here on the island

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July 12, 2017
Written by: Christy Bollinger

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC – Our news anchor Bob Stevens spoke with Town Manager Steve Riley about Affordable Housing on Hilton Head Island this past Monday.

One of the first points mentioned was what can the town do about affordable housing and how can they get involved.

Riley says “One of the things we did do which I think has been successful is the donation of land that we made to Habitat for Humanity and ever since 20-something homes I think are under construction and more to come.”

He went on to talk about how the town has tried incentive programs and rehabilitation home programs, which have only been moderately successful. Riley touched on how there’s only so much that the town can actually do.

Land costs are a big challenge the town is running into.

Riley mentions the new fiscal year, that went into effect July 1, and the budget it brings with it. “So we have to get through this period usually on our reserves but as we’ve reported our reserves have been busted by the storm [Hurricane Matthew]. We’ve got some real cash flow concerns, as does the school, as does the county and a number of projects we hope to get underway like Coligny Park improvements.”

The FEMA battle is still going on but is a slow race. Riley says he hopes for a little money this month but that it might be until September that we see the bulk of it coming in.

Here is the link to the interview with Steve Riley.


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