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Town of Bluffton Provides Interactive Maps to Update Residents on Development Projects

July 12, 2019, Bluffton, S.C. – As Bluffton continues to grow, the Town has provided maps on its website to answer the most frequently asked question, “What is going on there?”  The Permit Application and the Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Maps provide a description and status of each new project within the Town limits.

The Permit Application Map provides information about private development anywhere within town limits, to include some of the faster-growing areas such as Buckwalter Parkway and the New Riverside area.  The Permit Application Map also contains a description of the project as well as a status update.  If residents click on a specific location on the map, an information box will populate with the project information. The permit status will be described as: submitted, pending, approved or under construction.

The Permit Application Map provides information on a variety of Town permits for site development such as grading and clearing, subdivisions, highway corridor overlay and historic district certificates of appropriateness (site lighting, landscaping and architecture) as well as building permits which are required to construct, alter, repair, move or demolish a residential or commercial building.  Users can search for permits by address, permit number, parcel number of by simply clicking on a blue pin on the map.

The CIP map will provide information for public construction projects being managed by the Town, such as the construction of the Wright Family Park or the new parking area at 184 Bluffton Road.

The CIP Map also provides descriptions and updates about the Town’s capital improvement projects.  The projects are tagged on the map and are color-coded by status. The status of each project will be listed under the category of “planned, underway or completed.” Users can click on the tag and details will populate about each project. There are currently 20 projects listed on this map.  

“These interactive maps make some of the most requested information readily available to the public,” said Town Manager Marc Orlando.  “We are proud to be able to provide these tools, which make our operations more transparent.  This is one more way to keep residents informed of where public and private dollars are being invested in the community.”

How to find the Map:

  • Go to the Town of Bluffton website:
  • Click on the “I Want To” Box on the front of the homepage
  • Click on “Find a Map” and it will direct you to the Map Gallery Page
  • Click on either “Permit Application Map” or the “Capital Improvement Project Map”

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